The disadvantages of responsive designing website and how it will affect your business

If you are trying to build your web development company or you have a business with a website that needs to have work done, you will need to hire agencies with required skillsets. So that your business or brand can grow.
By hiring a responsive design service, your website can get more traffic. This service works to present your business site in mobile, by making it easier for mobile users to visit the site just like desktop users.

However, there are some downsides to hiring this company. In this article, we will talk about the disadvantages you can have by hiring these kinds of website designing services.
Downsides of hiring this service
The development time
The biggest disadvantage of hiring this service is that the development time of this website will take a lot more than a usual site takes. It is quite a big blow as time is everything in this era, and we cannot afford to waste time if we want our business to be successful.
Multiple devices
As this service works to get as much as the view from different devices, sometimes while using mobile, the owner faces interruptions, and the response time takes longer.
Limitation in the support system
Another big disadvantage of this service is for those who still use browsers other than Firefox 3.5+, (IE) 9+, Safari 3+, and Opera 7+ will have trouble getting the media queries support. Responsive websites work by the rules of media queries and they decide the screen size that will visit the website now. In this case, for having this limitation in their support system they can lose many user’s visits.
Website’s redesign
As updates are not possible for many users, so when the website will need some remodeling or redesigning, the service will not deliver the result. This way your business website will perform poorly and get less traffics than usual.

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