Crossdraw holsters made one at a time is what Kirkpatrick offers.

Finding the Right holster to crossdraw holsters your weapon can be a struggle today As there are so many manufacturers, models, and fabrics to choose from. However a well-designed carrying case, no matter what it’s manufactured from or where it rests to the user’s own body, should really be safe and reliable while the weapon it supports.

Kirkpatrick Leather Company was at the forefront of making covers For 70 years. With a dedication into making case making become an art, made by specialist and proficient craftsmen. Maintaining constant creation in its design procedure to meet the needs of its customers. It will guarantee that you highend excellent leather, a ideal match for your own weapon and also service that is next to none.

In Kirkpatrick, You Can Pick from a variety of leather Addresses in:

Cowboy holsters, completely lined with leather and also have double seams, Resistant to day-to-day use, customized, supplying protection and durability. Selections in fashions really are western movies, 1800s plays, and timeless TVs. Other alternatives are cowboy actions and drop-leg contest.

Lace shoulder holsters, Customized and available in 3 different styles: Detective Take, straightforward hand-molded personal instance design on a exact comfortable gentle leather foundation. X-Carry style and design using a rather versatile and lightweight harness, having a flexible strap that allows comfy moves. Heavyduty, heavyduty HD-Carry with an extensive harness for additional relaxation.

Crossdraw holsters, created by hand with the ideal high quality leather. Completely lined in leather and also have been shaped by hand in order that they possess a ideal match.

Both of the leather shoulder Holsters and most of the variety of leather covers that Kirkpatrick gives you are exceptionally operational and extremely delightful. Offered at Top Quality OWB, Shoulder, also IWB Handles for 1911. Alternate options are available for Sig Sauer, 1911, along with Glock you may customize, also numerous revolvers. They ship liberated.

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